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Oct 22, 2012 10:30pm EDT
situation. host: kristin, your city -- christian, new yourk city. caller: i was a supporter of president obama. he did not do everything he promised for the united states. he's spent so much time on the health care issue which i do not know if universal health care was the answer for the united states. but i feel if he puts all of his passion into whatever he was promising to the debates, we can see a brighter america. i am seeing more of the mitt romney side. i think he might become the next president. host: the white house released a photograph of the vice-president as he watched the debates. courtesy of the white house. next, nancy, from wisconsin. supporter of governor romney. caller: i want to let you know that mitt romney was as bright and positive as the future is going to be for the united states. after he becomes our next president. i'm excited about this presidential race. i wish the election were held tomorrow. i've never been so helpful for the future for the united states. i hope we will all be united, democrats, republicans. i am marching for the american flag and sang than
Oct 23, 2012 1:00am EDT
what cities? caller: montgomery county, greene county, and the top half of fayette county, where at dayton-ohio is. host: that is where the president is going tomorrow. jerry is on the phone from illinois. caller: i was listening to the debate, expecting both to speak well. that is not what i am looking for. i was undecided until tonight. i want to get one of the two candidates that is going to say, who is going to take as to the next level? our country is in trouble. who is the most qualified to take our country out of trouble? at this time, i would believe it is romney. he is very successful in businesses. our country needs to go to the next level. president obama has had his shot. he failed. i am a disabled veteran and i am still waiting for things that happened. host: joshua is next from georgia. what is your comment on the debate tonight? what did you think? you are on the air. caller: i am undecided because -- hello? host: we can hear you. please go ahead. caller: whenever politicians coming to the office, they allies. obama was asked, if he was poor, whenever he and his wi
Oct 12, 2012 1:00am EDT
new york city and the independent line. >> i would just like to say that after two debates, neither of these guys have convinced me to vote for their point of view. on the topic of the debates, i am not all that thrilled with the questions being asked. i do not feel like the right issues are being addressed. i do not feel like this is the appropriate form. it is all about sound bites and party talking points. never has a been more clear to me that it is necessary for a third voice to be in these debates. >> thank you for the call. the second presidential debate that will take place and not long island is a town hall meeting format. the final debate will focus on primarily foreign policy issues. debate, 90g's minutes split into 9-10 a magnet -- minute segments focusing on foreign policy issues. >> good evening. i do not usually call into c- span to share my views on politics, but i cannot help but notice we have a vice president who is a -- i mean, would anybody want a vice president like this? boisterous, overbearing, standing for the united states of america? it was an absolute emb
Oct 3, 2012 10:30pm EDT
establishment in kansas city full of law students who were really engaged. their reactions were early positive. they felt like he was speaking to them and maybe it is a gender thing. i don't know. between the pundits and agile people who are sitting there and watching and wanting somebody to be talking to them. and we did not feel a connection with romney. >> did you have a reaction or was there some consensus from those your with watching the debate about the style of the debate? we were told by the debate commission that they wanted it to be looser in format, not so 1-minute response and 90-set and rebuttals so that the candidates had more time. did it work? >> i believe that it did. debates are hard to have completely fair. there's always someone speaking last. but i think each candidate had ample time and rebuttals time to put out their thoughts. we did not hear specifics from romney. i think that a lot of the main points are exactly the same. there was talk about the middle class, about better health care, that the approaches are completely different. >> what will it take to deliver for t
Oct 16, 2012 10:30pm EDT
-- that could not be more opposite. next is a call, kansas city, missouri, a democrat. >> how're you doing? >> great. what did you think? >> it was much better than the last debate. the you know, the main thing i am focused about is my national security. they keep talking about the debt and the crisis and everything and the taxes. here live from all these terrorists, how will i pay for these taxes? that is what i would like them to bring up so i can make a decision. if there are so many terrorists and bomb threats, i am scared right now. that should be the main thing and then the tax and credentials and everything comes second. >> footer -- twitter -- next is sarasota, fla., an independent. >> actually, i have to say that president obama has completely president obama has completely
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5